Trailer nets

Trailer net I.

Trailer net I.
Trailer nets with 30mm mesh size:
- made of strong and long lasting polyethylene (PE) twine , 2,0 mm Ø
- with strong selvage
- with 6,0 mm Ø rubber shock cord all round
- high uv-resistance
- does not absorb water
- black

Trailer net II.

Trailer net II.
Trailer nets with 45mm mesh size square:
- made of knotless PP multifilament twine, 3,0 mm Ø
- strong selvage
- with rubber shock cord, 8,0 mm Ø, allround
- relatively soft material
- UV-treatment
- green

Trailer net III.

Trailer net III.
Trailer net with 50mm mesh size square:
- made of strong and long lasting knotless braided polyethylene twine, 4,0 mm Ø
- don' t absorb water
- floating on water
- good uv-resistant
- green
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