Safety nets

Hemp-rope net

Hemp-rope net
Hemp- rope decoration and safety nets:
- made of natural hemp rope
- handmade
- customized
- for various use: to the balkony, handrails, lofts, stairways..etc.

Hempex-rope net

Hempex-rope net
Decoration and safety nets made of twisted hempex rope .
(hempex rope is the best alternative to natural hemp rope)
- good UV-resistant ( into the outdoor referenced too)
- very strong
- classic and natural look
- for wide variety of applications: decorative purposes, to the balkony, handrails, lofts, stairways...etc.

Nylon monofilament safety net

Nylon monofilament safety net
- made of nylon monofilament line
- colour is transparent (streched)
- diamond mesh-shape
- relativ strong
- for various use:as antibirds net of buildings, protection net of againts fall down
  pets from the balkony...

Railing net on roll

Railing net on roll
Railing nets on roll:
- made of polyester twine, 3,0 mm Ø
- mesh size 40 mm
- good UV- resistante
- knotted and knotless
- for 40-60 cm width railings
- colour is white

Polypropylene safety net

Polypropylene safety net
Safety net with 45mm mesh size square:
- made of knotless PP multifilament twine, 3,0 mm Ø
- strong selvage
- relatively soft material
- UV-treatment
- green
- width 2,50 m

Polyethylene safety net

Polyethylene safety net
Black PE netting for wide use:
- for protection against birds
- for protection of silo covers in the agriculture
- for golf courses and paintball areas
- for a clean environment around landfills
- as pond covering net (11mm, 20mm)
- for protection of buildings against birds
- and a lot of more
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